Welcome to the World of the Mythos

Among the Mythos is a science-fantasy series covering twenty thousand years of Earth’s history, all the way to its end… and what happens after.

The phrase comes from the world-standard greeting six of the Seven Peoples of the Earth use with one another: “Among the Mythos, who are you?” The idea is a simple, relatively polite way to identify one another’s species, which can be helpful when one is dealing with a potentially magical foe.

The book order is as follows:

  • The Sundered (2012) He must decide who lives or dies: humanity, or humanity’s broken slaves.
  • The Christmas Dragon (2014) Running away doesn’t work as planned – thanks to a baby dragon.
  • Strings (2014) This Fey prince never wanted to be a hero. He may not get the choice.
  • Notte (planned for 2014-2015) 15,000 years is a long way to go from biological weapon to perfect gentleman.
  • Witch Hunter (?)
  • The Price of a Feather (?)
  • Blood Don’t Lie (?)

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Influenced by everything from Star Wars to Tolkien, from Patrick Rothfuss to Sarah Rees Brennan, this series assumes a universe in which science and magic are two branches of the same thing, but not equally accessible. One of the key distinctions is that human beings cannot use magic; members of the Mythos can.

Don’t take it personally. Human can’t control electricity like eels, either.

This world is very similar to ours, except for its extra inhabitants. These beings call themselves the Mythos. They collectively identify themselves and humans (i.e., all the Earth’s sentient inhabitants) as the Seven Peoples of the Earth.

The thing to remember about the Mythos is this: everything is real, but human legends didn’t get any of it quite right. That’s okay. The Mythos don’t really understand human beings well, which leads to interesting legends all over.

I hope you’re ready for a sweeping epic. By the time I’m done, this series will cover nearly 20 millennia of life and love, struggles for power, war, escape, and consequence. (Heavy emphasis on the consequence.)

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